Friday, November 12, 2010

Lady Gaga Limerick

This limerick is about how creative and unique the queen of pop culture, Lady Gaga, is. Although many people compare her to Madonna or Britney Spears, she is truly one of a kind. The photo above is a photo of her in her music video "Telephone"; who else could create such a hat? It is such a privileged to be in the same era as Lady Gaga to witness her art.

Poetic Devices

Rhyme Scheme: aabba
Allusion: "Look at her outfit in "Telephone"!"

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the queen of pop culture for sure
Her clothing style is often very obscure
She definitely has a mind of her own
I mean... Look at her outfit in "Telephone"!
Only Lady Gaga could pull off that couture

-J. Su


  1. Great limerick Jessica! I think that Lady Gaga is crazy, and your poem describes her well. The allusion to Telephone is fantastic, and overall it's a great limerick.

  2. Jessica, I think that the ideas for this poem are really great. However, how do you pronouce obscure? Good allusion. great idea.