Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Untitled Poem by Robert S (about Megan Fox)

I chose this poem because like Justin Bieber, Megan Fox occupies most of the opposite sex's brain capacity. This poem is written by a very dedicated Megan Fox fan. In this poem "Robert S." is describing Megan's beauty and fame.

Poetic Devices
rhyme scheme: AABBCC
hyperbole: the whole poem
simile: "Her charms drew me in, like a moth to a flame."

Untitled poem by Robert S.

Megan's a beauty, tis easy to see,
But may I say what she means to me?
I've only recently learned of her name.
Her charms drew me in, like a moth to a flame.
Always been one for beauty and glamour,
Celebrity or an unknown, it really doesn't matter.
Though I don't know her, there's one thing she can't hide.
Megan's true beauty doth come from inside.
She moves with such grace and elegance.
She also does have a legendary presence.
How wonderful it'd be if Megan I could meet,
but knowing of her, is much more than sweet!
She's the kind of woman whose beauty does inspire.
Maybe that's why Megan I so admire?
Maybe I love her for these things and more?
I just know that she always does makes my heart soar!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bieber Fever (a free verse poem about Justin Bieber)

 Justin Bieber is on almost every female teenager's mind 24/7 so what else could I do besides write this free verse poem? I also wrote this poem because I was inspired by his recent concert in Vancouver. The only poetic devices are metaphors and similes. I kept this poem simple because Justin Bieber is a simple guy (except for when he's assaulting little kids in lazer tag). This poem is a summary of how popular, talented and good looking Justin is.

Poetic devices
Rhyme scheme: ABABCDCD
Simile: "Everybody has Bieber Fever, Even though he sounds like a girl.", "He's as cute as a golden retriever." ,"Although he really does look like he's fourteen."

Everybody has Bieber Fever
Even though he sounds like a girl
He's as cute as a golden retriever
His good looks make everyone's heart whirl

The music video Baby has lots of views
Many comments on that video are mean
He definitely does not deserve this abuse
Although he really does look like he's fourteen

He loves to party with Usher and his crew
When he's not playing on his Xbox 360
I wonder if he's good at modern warfare two
He's always looking good in his 59fifty

-J. Su