Friday, November 12, 2010

An Epitaph for Michael Jackson

 In honor of Michael Jackson, I chose this epitaph because it embodies Michael Jackson's spirit while cleverly integrating most of Michael's best songs. Not only has he earned the title "King of Pop" but he has surpassed it. 

Poetic Devices

Allusion: all the bolded words
Metaphor: "He is a smooth criminal on the dance floor"

An Epitaph for Michael Jackson - King of Pop

Here lies a King without a Throne,
Trying to heal the world.

He is a smooth criminal on the dance floor
His dance move is a Thriller
It makes the people Scream and think of something Bad
Here lies a Man in the Mirror, Not in the closet,
He doesn’t mind if you are Black or White
He just can’t stop loving you
Here lies a king without a throne
Bidding the world goodbye
At 50..


1 comment:

  1. Great choice!! Lovin' the use of his song names throughout. Although its an epitaph, it celebrates his life rather than making readers feel sad.