Saturday, November 13, 2010

Emma Watson Poem (free verse poem)

This couplet poem describes how beautiful and elegant Emma Watson is. I chose this poem in anticipation for the newest Harry Potter movie to come out. The poet really brought out Emma's facial features with vivid imagery. Witness Emma's beauty in the newest Harry Potter movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1" coming out November 19th, 2010.

Poetic Devices

Imagery: "The face,the sweetness and the glow- That the curls on the cheeks flow"
Rhyme Scheme: AABBCC...
Allusion: "May the god happy ever than be"
Simile: "That my sight like heavens see."

Emma Watson

Looking over the sweetest of the delights,
The fair,over the heavens whites,
No beauty ever such out made,
That now my fortune eyes on laid.
May the god happy ever than be
That my sight like heavens see.
The face,the sweetness and the glow-
That the curls on the cheeks flow,
That stands out for a life-worth in change.
But now the over moments
That the pain and agony ruled
Now only with a slighted delight pulled,
The face, the glimpse, out-ruled,
Now the breath ever smile in me;
And the thought that now my mind ever happy be.


Jonas Brothers (A couplet poem)

 This couplet poem is written by a dedicated Jonas Brothers fan by the name of Ashton (I know he's a dude!). I was surprised when I found out a guy wrote this poem which means some of the male population love the Jo Bros! Even though the Jonas Brother hype has died down over the past few years, these boys are still heartthrobs in Hollywood. 

Poetic Devices

Rhyme scheme: AABBCC...
Metaphor: "Cause in the music race you outrun the rest"

Jonas Brothers Poem

Rockin' out, tourin' cross the USA
Kevin, Nick, and Joe you steal our hearts away

Your lyrics in your songs are so real and true
It’s no wonder that so many people like you

I sing your songs everyday when I’m walking down the hall
And people think I’m crazy but I don’t care at all

It must be tough to be famous and want to be normal
It’s like wanting to dress casual when you have to dress formal

No doubt in my mind that Jonas Brothers are the best
Cause in the music race you outrun the rest


The Glee Cast (acrostic poem)

 This acrostic poem describes the cast of Glee in 4 simple words; gifted, lively, entertaining and effortless.
 Not only does the Glee cast act and sing but they also dance. Could they be anymore talented? With each episode the Glee cast is gaining more popularity. Even The Rollingstones quoted that "Glee has taken its place at the heart of pop culture". If you want to be mesmerized by talent, watch Glee on Global TV every Tuesday at 8p.m.

The Glee Cast

G ifted
L ively
E ntertaining
E ffortless

-J. Su

Auto-tune Cinquain

 While listening to the song "Death of Auto-tune" by Jay-Z on my iPod, I realized how many pop culture songs are auto-tuned. This is really disappointing because singers with actual talent are being replace with "artists" that abuse auto-tune. These "artists" include T-Pain (obviously), Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Akon, The Black Eyed Peas, Drake and many more.  I wrote this Cinquain to express how I feel about auto-tune and what auto-tune has done to modern music.

Poetic Devices

Allusion: "Invented Auto-tune"

Auto-tune Cinquain

Invented Auto-tune 
By doing this
he sabotaged modern music

-J. Su

Jersey Shore Sonnet

I was really disappointed that Season 2 of Jersey Shore ended so quickly so I wrote this poem to cheer myself up. Jersey Shore has everything one could want in a relate TV show; drama, well placed jokes, crazy story line and original punchlines. But what really brings the entertain factor to Jersey Shore is the cast. The Jersey Shore cast has an unlimited amount of energy. The combination of these factors are going to bring this cast to the red carpet next year.

Poetic Devices
Metaphor: "Vinny is a Italian stallion"
Allusion: "Look at the letter Snooki is writing"

Jersey Shore Shakespearean Sonnet

Come take a visit to the Jersey Shore,
I promise you the cast won't disappoint
Look at Pauly D working on his core!
Mike stop working out you might hurt a joint

Snookie and JWow are always at clubs
As usual, fist pumping all night long
After the party they hit the hot tubs
Angelina will make something go wrong

Ronnie and Sammi are always fighting
because Ronnie will never stop cheating
Look at the letter Snooki is writing
Soon, Sammi's face will be overheating 

The Jersey Shore cast is Italian
Vinny is a Italian stallion

 -J. Su

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Epitaph for Michael Jackson

 In honor of Michael Jackson, I chose this epitaph because it embodies Michael Jackson's spirit while cleverly integrating most of Michael's best songs. Not only has he earned the title "King of Pop" but he has surpassed it. 

Poetic Devices

Allusion: all the bolded words
Metaphor: "He is a smooth criminal on the dance floor"

An Epitaph for Michael Jackson - King of Pop

Here lies a King without a Throne,
Trying to heal the world.

He is a smooth criminal on the dance floor
His dance move is a Thriller
It makes the people Scream and think of something Bad
Here lies a Man in the Mirror, Not in the closet,
He doesn’t mind if you are Black or White
He just can’t stop loving you
Here lies a king without a throne
Bidding the world goodbye
At 50..


Seven things we hate about Miley Cyrus (Parody of the song "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus)

This poem by gwink96 ( user) is a short parody of the song "7 Things" by Miley Cyrus. Obviously the poet loathes Miley Cyrus and does this by insulting her acting and singing abilities. I chose this poem because it's refreshing to get a different point of view on celebrities besides the ones of adoring fan-girls
Poetic Devices
Rhyme: "I probably shouldn’t say this, but at times I get so frayed. When I think about the previous episodes that you made" etc
Onomatopoeia: "Sha!"
Hyperbole: "When you sing, it’s suicide"
Allusion: "When I think about the previous episodes that you made"
Seven things we hate about Miley Cyrus
Dear Miley Cyrus
I probably shouldn’t say this, but at times I get so frayed
When I think about the previous episodes that you made
They were crappy, ends were sappy
It’s impossible for me not to show, my foe
The seven things I hate about you
Your hair, your eyes, it’s no surprise,
When you sing, it’s suicide
You feed my pain, you bring me tears,
You make me want to plug my ears
Your nasal tone, on and on you drone
Makes me want to groan
Don’t want to hear all your stupid songs
And the seventh thing I hate the most that you do
You think we love you
Yes you do, ohhhh