Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Glee Cast (acrostic poem)

 This acrostic poem describes the cast of Glee in 4 simple words; gifted, lively, entertaining and effortless.
 Not only does the Glee cast act and sing but they also dance. Could they be anymore talented? With each episode the Glee cast is gaining more popularity. Even The Rollingstones quoted that "Glee has taken its place at the heart of pop culture". If you want to be mesmerized by talent, watch Glee on Global TV every Tuesday at 8p.m.

The Glee Cast

G ifted
L ively
E ntertaining
E ffortless

-J. Su


  1. I've yet to see Glee, but you've painted an image of a really energetic group. I'll be sure to check it out; it's good advertising, you should get paid.

    While there's not much to say, I'd like to say after viewing some of those covers on Youtube, that you do accurately describe them. Indeed, they do make it seem effortless.

    It's witty, to say the least. Good job!

  2. I see you like glee. I have only watched about five minutes because they started to spontaneously singing. I do have a sense of the series and this acrostic poem definately captures that. Great job on the poem