Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jersey Shore Sonnet

I was really disappointed that Season 2 of Jersey Shore ended so quickly so I wrote this poem to cheer myself up. Jersey Shore has everything one could want in a relate TV show; drama, well placed jokes, crazy story line and original punchlines. But what really brings the entertain factor to Jersey Shore is the cast. The Jersey Shore cast has an unlimited amount of energy. The combination of these factors are going to bring this cast to the red carpet next year.

Poetic Devices
Metaphor: "Vinny is a Italian stallion"
Allusion: "Look at the letter Snooki is writing"

Jersey Shore Shakespearean Sonnet

Come take a visit to the Jersey Shore,
I promise you the cast won't disappoint
Look at Pauly D working on his core!
Mike stop working out you might hurt a joint

Snookie and JWow are always at clubs
As usual, fist pumping all night long
After the party they hit the hot tubs
Angelina will make something go wrong

Ronnie and Sammi are always fighting
because Ronnie will never stop cheating
Look at the letter Snooki is writing
Soon, Sammi's face will be overheating 

The Jersey Shore cast is Italian
Vinny is a Italian stallion

 -J. Su

1 comment:

  1. Excellent work Jsu! Not only was there consistent rhythm and rhyme but also it was super creative. I like the foreshadowing of the letter in the 3rd stanza. Last 2 lines were gold. Something all Jersey Shore fans can 'preciate.