Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Untitled Poem by Robert S (about Megan Fox)

I chose this poem because like Justin Bieber, Megan Fox occupies most of the opposite sex's brain capacity. This poem is written by a very dedicated Megan Fox fan. In this poem "Robert S." is describing Megan's beauty and fame.

Poetic Devices
rhyme scheme: AABBCC
hyperbole: the whole poem
simile: "Her charms drew me in, like a moth to a flame."

Untitled poem by Robert S.

Megan's a beauty, tis easy to see,
But may I say what she means to me?
I've only recently learned of her name.
Her charms drew me in, like a moth to a flame.
Always been one for beauty and glamour,
Celebrity or an unknown, it really doesn't matter.
Though I don't know her, there's one thing she can't hide.
Megan's true beauty doth come from inside.
She moves with such grace and elegance.
She also does have a legendary presence.
How wonderful it'd be if Megan I could meet,
but knowing of her, is much more than sweet!
She's the kind of woman whose beauty does inspire.
Maybe that's why Megan I so admire?
Maybe I love her for these things and more?
I just know that she always does makes my heart soar!


  1. Jessica,
    I think that the thing I find most interesting about this poem is the use of Shakespearean English which seems to contradict the very modern content of the poem. You certainly were right though, Robert S. seems nothing if not very dedicated to Megan Fox. I think this poem is a fantastic example of the abnormal hold celebrities can have over people they don't even know exist. Nice find!

  2. Jessica- How clever of you to choose Megan Fox to be the next "favorite celebrity" in the blog spotlight! I really enjoyed the poet's sense of humor, whether it was intentional or not. I found his refreshing view on how "Megan's true beauty doth come from inside" particularly interesting as he apparently "only recently learned of her name". Good example of a somewhat atypical fan response to celebrity exposure.

  3. Nice choice in poem Jessica. Although I must say I am a little disapointed as i was very much looking forward to "poetry from the street". I agree with Rachel and Julia in saying that the old English wording in this poem is quite comedic and adds a nice touch to the poem. However, I must say that it is sort of creepy that this guy wrote a poem about Megan Fox. Keep up the hard work.

  4. I agree with everyone else before me in that the ol' English is a refreshing contrast to the current, pop-culture feel to this poem. It's a fun poem to read, for sure, but I think it's superficial. "Megan's true beauty doth come from inside." Really? How would this Robert S. even know? Anyways, overall a cutesy, celebrity-crush rhyme. :)

  5. Jessica, I agree with Lana and Rachel, that this poems does have a take on blind celebrity obsessions. The poet is trying to comment on today's youth, how we put celebrities, especially ones like Megan Fox who aren't exactly a Robert De Niro at acting or whatever they're famous for, on a pedestal, on godly terms. This poems, for me, had a really witty approach to reminding me this. Clever poem!

  6. Nice choice Jessica, it really fits your theme. I mean I guess it was a good poem but I found it a little creepy but it was cool, just like everyone else was saying, to have an poem on modern pop culture. I guess this also shows how much people nowadays admire celebrities. Good job

  7. Haha, an uplifting read. ^^
    Comedic, expository, and fluent.

  8. Jessica, I liked this choice of poem. You showed well that many people who follow celebrities are creepy and how they project qualities on their celebrity of choice. The author is clearly a little new to poetry, but his unrequited love spills out onto the page anyways.

  9. Jessica! This is the first poem I have read on your blog and may I say it's quite amazing? :) I really liked this choice of poem and although the content is relatively creepy it definitely works with your theme. It's definitely an interesting look into the ridiculous way people put others (namely celebrities) up on a pedestal and glorify them. Especially since these celebrities are human.