Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bieber Fever (a free verse poem about Justin Bieber)

 Justin Bieber is on almost every female teenager's mind 24/7 so what else could I do besides write this free verse poem? I also wrote this poem because I was inspired by his recent concert in Vancouver. The only poetic devices are metaphors and similes. I kept this poem simple because Justin Bieber is a simple guy (except for when he's assaulting little kids in lazer tag). This poem is a summary of how popular, talented and good looking Justin is.

Poetic devices
Rhyme scheme: ABABCDCD
Simile: "Everybody has Bieber Fever, Even though he sounds like a girl.", "He's as cute as a golden retriever." ,"Although he really does look like he's fourteen."

Everybody has Bieber Fever
Even though he sounds like a girl
He's as cute as a golden retriever
His good looks make everyone's heart whirl

The music video Baby has lots of views
Many comments on that video are mean
He definitely does not deserve this abuse
Although he really does look like he's fourteen

He loves to party with Usher and his crew
When he's not playing on his Xbox 360
I wonder if he's good at modern warfare two
He's always looking good in his 59fifty

-J. Su


  1. JSU, there are many things that I really enjoyed your poem about our home-grown Youtube sensation. One of that is, through the lines about playing Xbox and public disapproval, you make it clear that this "golden retriever" is more realistic and human, and also gives the poem a deeper meaning. And that is the critique of the level of the celebrity pedestal.

    That was true art. And Riskay, the queen of poetry, would agree.

  2. Jessica, I really liked that you had a lot of fun pop culture references in your poem. It makes it really accessible and fun. I'm not sure if you meant to have a regular meter but if you did you may want to check over some of the lines for syllables. Also I am seriously loving the Rpatz background. PLEASE tell me there will be an ode to Rpatz in the future. :) Great work!

  3. hey y'all now its a free verse

  4. Very different, I like it partially because I am a Justin Bieber fan myself. I also like it because it really captures his image. Very good work. Keep it up.

  5. Jessica, really liked your poem. It has good rhyme and the references to pop culture in your poem are great and made this poem an enjoyable read. Good work. I'll be waiting for more poems from you.

  6. Ha! Reading this poem was a real hoot! The first two lines take a little bit of a stab at him, yet keeping it classy by not forthright insulting him,
    "Everybody has Bieber Fever
    Even though he sounds like a girl."
    The rhymes are a great part of the poem and really enhance the message.

    Congratulations Jessica, you pulled the theme of celebrities to the next lever..

  7. Though the syllabic flow could be improved, the poem earns its spot proudly through creativity and style.

  8. Wow Jess!
    Just want to compliment you on your blog layout & catchy titles. Your first stanza really drew us in and definitely did not leave your readers guessing at the inspiration of the poem. Also, I really like how you seemed to cover all aspects of the subject. Good similes too! can't wait for the next one ;)

  9. Your hilarious. This poem is fantastic. It should probably be framed on the 501 wall. Seriously I can't wait for more poems. I love this theme its so original. My favorite line is "warefare two". The ryming was very phreshh, funny.

  10. lols such a funny poem!!! love your topic, so many funny poems to follow i hope, got such a good laugh which is what poetry is all about, thanks for the read!

  11. HAHAHA. I love this poem! sooo funny. Good rhyming and adds to the humour that this poem already has. An interesting topic too, to write about, because they'll be a lot of LGs reading this blog!

  12. this poem is so good. great rhyme scheme. you really know a lot about JB. the last verse is my favorite. good call on the free verse. lol. your to funny jess.

  13. This poem is pretty good, even though it's about Justin Bieber. You should start writing his songs, you'd be better than whoever he's got now. Good job.

  14. One of the best originals I have ever read. Sooo funny and very phre$h (big deal coming from me). Love the references to Youtube and Xbox. Wish you would've mentioned something about pwning him at COD tho...jk jk ;) Can't wait for more

  15. Jessica,
    This is such an unique poem. It's interesting how you take a stab at JB (sounding like a girl and looking like a dog) in the first stanza and then in the second, you talk about how the mean comments made about his video. Finally in the last stanza, JB becomes a normal, everyday kid who plays video games. Good work.